Let us show you what British Columbia is all about!! The ultimate fantasy destination
bcYour vacation must be filled with fun, thrill and adventure. From skiing in the mountain slopes to canoeing in the rapids, surfing in the sea, if you are looking for a fun -filled vacation full of excitement, then British Columbia is your answer. This place has just about everything that you could ever hope for. To enjoy an experience that will give you a life time full of memories to cherish, visit British Columbia- where nature and man exist in harmony.

Discover nature in its truest form. The breathtaking beauty of our land will blow your mind away. Once you are here you can fish your own supper, take a stroll down the serene shores of our untainted rivers, and ski down the beautiful slopes of Alps. Here you get to visit shops, the likes of which you have never seen before and take in some of Europe's finest live theater performances. In addition, treat your taste buds to a cuisine that will completely captivate you.

As B.C. remains Canada's gateway to Pacific, it presents some of lowest tax rates both in terms of corporate as well as personal case, well -trained personnel, a lucrative business scenario and a life style that can compete with the best!

If you are looking for place, where you can escape from the hardships of life, B.C. is the obvious option.

On an average 22.6 million people visit this place every year! Of that number, more than half is made up of global tourists mainly from places like United States, Asia and Europe.

Experience firsthand, why B.C.'s natural beauty is considered as one of the best in the world. You can see for yourself the serene beauty of the mountains and the magnificence of coastal waters by visiting the various provincial and federal parks such as Yoho, Kootenay, Glacier, and Pacific Rim.

bc mapSet in the coastal province of western Canada, British Columbia is bordered by the Yukon and Northwest Territories on the north, Alberta to the east, Pacific Ocean and Alaska covers the west while American states Montana, Idaho, and Washington bounds B.C. on the south. The southeastern borders are formed totally by the crest of Rock Mountains. Although, B.C. remains the sole part of Canada on the Pacific Ocean, it also comprises of Vancouver Island and the Queen Charlotte Islands off the west coast. Exceeded only by Quebec and Ontario in terms of population and province in area, British Columbia, is a region which is totally dominated by rocky and mountainous terrain. Major population of this place lives in the southwestern corner, which also includes Vancouver, the largest city and Victoria, which acts as the provincial capital.

With an area that spans 944,735 sq km(364, 764 sq mi), of which sixty-nine percent is covered by forests, British Columbia holds nearly forty percent of Canada's commercial -quality wood. There is diversity in the wild life found in British Columbia which includes the likes of grizzly bear, black bear, moose, caribou, elk, deer, bighorn sheep, mountain goat and also smaller ones like beaver, lynx, marten, mink, and otter. The same can be said about the bird life too. B.C. remains the habitat for different species of birds for instance waterfowl. Nemours types of toads, frogs, snakes especially rattle snakes (found in the southern interior) are abundant in this region. There is also an astonishing amount of salmon, herring, tuna and shell fish seen in the coastal waters. Most rivers have plenty of game fish like trout, pike and sturgeon.

As per the figures calculated in 2003, the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of B.C. was C$145.5 billion.

Tourism remains the mainstay of the British Columbian economy, which is growing by astonishing proportions every year. Vancouver and Victoria remain two of the biggest tourist destinations B.C. has to offer. For a tourist, Vancouver offers limitless amounts of attractions which range from nature's beauty in its true form to the cultural offerings native to this region; sports lovers will also found this place ideal as it holds numerous sports events compounded by some of the finest restaurants you will ever get to enjoy. People wanting to visit this place will find that travel by air is the best means. This place also acts as the point of departure for vacation cruise ships on the British Columbian and Alaskan Coasts. Camping which remains popular among the locals in summer, find campgrounds on Vancouver Island, Okanagan Valley and Rocky Mountains ideal. These areas draw large amounts of crowds from western United States and Alberta.

In addition, you will see that British Columbia offers numerous world class resorts and luxury hotel accommodations that will truly mesmerize you. Just two hours driving distance from Vancouver situates Whistler-Blackcomb, a world class ski resort which has a year-round recreational center. In Vancouver Islands, you will find Butchart Gardens, a place that draws large number of tourists every year. From the early eighties onwards British Columbia has seen an unprecedented rise in the number of tourists from Asia, especially from Japan. Though they first started coming to enjoy the beautiful places that this place had to offer, it has since then been spread to other attractions like skiing or golfing.